Need help going to convention?  Want to attend Legislative Summit?  Want to earn your GTP?  GLP?  Does your chapter/affiliate have an initiative that it is pursuing, but is in need of additional funds?

Let the Chapter President’s Council assist!

We will award a total of $7,000 for Individual Scholarships ($1,500 max per individual) AND two (2) $1,500 chapter scholarships are to be awarded for 2018.

  • Available to any direct or allied chapter/affiliate member in good standing.
  • Deadline to apply is February 28, 2018.
  • Must be used for educational purposes
  • Chapter/Affiliate scholarships can be used for any service initiative. 

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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Business Travel Association

Mission Statement:

GBTA-RM is the collective voice of business travel.  We provide a forum for the constructive exchange of information and ideas among members.  We are dedicated to enhancing the education, advancement of our members and be an impact to the profession and our members.

Strategic Plan:

GBTA Rocky Mountain is committed to elevating the travel profession by sponsoring top level educational programs, up to date travel News, growth in scholarship opportunities, mentorships, and development of our next generation of travel professionals.

We as a Chapter have a passion to actively engage our members in all Chapter programs along with becoming mentors to fellow members and students involved in our Student programs. We are taking an initiative and active role in the development of our next generation of travel professionals

We are the voice of the global business travel community, promoting relationships between travel buyers and service providers.  We want to enhance membership services, information and education.   We want to serve as advocates of GBTA and global travel initiatives. 


Global Business Travel Association

The Rocky Mountain Business Travel Association is an affiliate of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), whose members represent corporate travel and meetings executives, major corporations and travel suppliers throughout the world. GBTARM along with the global organization, provides our members with information on travel and meetings technology, services, legislation, security, benchmarking and costs that affect the business travel and meetings industry.  

What is The Business Travel PAC? 
What is The Business Travel PAC? Business Travel PAC is the bipartisan GBTA USA political action committee or PAC. As the only federally recognized PAC representing the business travel industry, it gives the industry another voice in the political process.

Through Business Travel PAC, GBTARM members join with other GBTA members across the country to educate and financially support members of Congress who understand the value of business travel and support pro-business travel interests.

 Payment can be made via credit card or cash. Raffle entries will be tracked after payment is made, and your name will be entered into a drawing that will occur at the June Monthly Meeting. For Questions, please contact: Laurie Etcheverry (Laurie.Etcheverry@Charter.com)


When government policies can make such a big difference in your lives – and the success of your employer and the business travel industry – participation in the political process is essential. Learn more.



** Business Travel PAC is a federal political committee that makes contributions to federal candidates and committees. Contributions to Business Travel PAC are voluntary and any member has a right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. The contribution guidelines are merely suggestions and a member may contribute more or less or not at all without concern of favor or disadvantage by the association. Corporate donations will be used to pay for other grassroots political activities. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes. Federal law requires Business Travel PAC to request the name, address, occupation and employer for each person whose contributions exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00) or more in a calendar year. **

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